LilRedKA (firefox1490) wrote in thequestionclub,

moving is hard

After about 5 years of not living at home last week I moved back home with my parents into my childhood bedroom. And in the process of unpacking and trashing stuff I don't need I've run into a problem. I have a very limited amount of space and theres really no good way to fit all my things back in this room. I however have a crap ton of wall space and I thought I could put up shelves only to find out two of my walls aren't "real" walls and I can't drill into them and the other is solid brick and I can't drill into it. Help me fit 5 years worth of stuff into a single bedroom? Send me design inspiration? Something? Anything?

tl;dr: Help! I have too much stuff and not enough space. How can I fit 5 years worth of apartment living into a single bedroom? I have a bookcase, a closet, 10 drawers, a full sized bed and a desk to fit all of in/on.
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