Monica (callise) wrote in thequestionclub,

zombie apocalypse would you survive or get killed off?

I'm going to be honest I think I'd be in trouble. I'm terrible in crisis situation. I'm the panic type. I very much see myself as the character who gets slapped is told "HOLD YOUR SELF TOGETHER." I'm also not the violent type.

Though I have played/watch enough zombie videogames/movies to know the do's and don't's.

This question brought to you by...The Last of Us. Which brings up more questions.

Did any of you play Last of Us? I already beat it! I'd LOVE to chat about last of us.

If you haven't played do you plan too?

I also have to say the real reason I bought the Last of Us is I LOVE Uncharted series was willing to follow Naughty Dog where ever they were headed.

Last question with no relation. "If you were a diving board what would you want a person to do on you?" (something like that) brought to you by Malcolm in the Middle. It was a question that was asked on the show. Though why not ask it here. If you need more content. The three brothers found a random diving board they wanted to do some super dangerous stupid stuff. Then they asked that question. The conversation went to taking the diving board ice skating...

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