Noam Chomsky (chomsky) wrote in thequestionclub,
Noam Chomsky

My husband and I bought plane tickets to Rome via a sweet ass Turkish Airlines deal - $650 RT per person.  The catch is that we're in Istanbul for 23.5 hour layovers each way, but who cares because we'll get to SEE ISTANBUL.  Or 48 hours worth of it.  Our itinerary is:

Feb 6 - Leave out of Chicago ORD
Feb 7 - Istanbul
Feb 8 - Istanbul -> Rome
Feb 9 - Rome
Feb 10 - Rome
Feb 11 - Rome
Feb 12 - Rome
Feb 13 - Rome ->Paris
Feb 14 - Paris
Feb 15 - Paris
Feb 16 - Paris
Feb 17 - Paris -> Rome
Feb 18 - Rome -> Istanbul
Feb 19 - Istanbul -> Chicago

With some leeway about the Paris/Rome dates.

Question is: Have any of you either flown Turkish Airlines, or been to Istanbul?  I'm pretty stoked about the flights even though I hate flying, cuz they're red eyes so my circadian rhythm will hopefully not get f-ed up, and because the airline was voted Best in Europe 2012.  I'm curious as to how to spend those 48 hours there though.

Also we're going to be staying in exclusively Airbnb places, so if you have any recs for rooms/apts that'd be great.  Also recs for things to do in Paris/Rome/the outskirts (besides the obvious).  I spent about 4 days in Rome back in 2004 and 18 hours in Paris that same trip, so I've seen a little of the former and none of the latter.  Husband's never been to Europe.

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