Kelly (kelj99) wrote in thequestionclub,

There have been some recent q's about at what age a parent should stop being naked around a child for showering, dressing, etc.. and now I'm curious about the reverse.

At what age does it become inappropriate for a child to be running around the house naked?  Playing outside naked?  What about just underwear?  (Brought to you by my 2.5 year old running outside completely naked pretty much every day and if someone comes to my door, they are almost guaranteed to see a naked butt.  My only excuse is that he is only recently potty trained and does better naked or with just cotton undies, which he takes off in a flash)

DK/DC  - If you order something online and they ship it to the wrong address (a previous address of yours that you had updated but they somehow still got wrong.  They have admitted it was their mistake and have already refunded me the shipping cost) and the post office said they forwarded it to you more than 10 days ago but you still haven't received it, what would you do next?  Would you expect to be refunded by the company?

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