claddaghemerald (claddaghemerald) wrote in thequestionclub,

I am doing a fundraiser for the Cancer Society as part of a group. We are all suppose to individually raise funds and then we will pool everything and donate-there's an event and everything.

I'm selling cupcakes to my coworkers to raise money. I thought I would add a paragraph about how cancer has affected me (specifically how my five year old cousin died) without going into much detail.

This would not be in a tear-jerking way, Just matter a fact; this happened to me and as such I care.

Does this sound like a horrible idea? There is nothing in the lunch room to read or do unless you bring something and I thought if I gave some background-donating for a cupcake would be more than just giving money to a charity but also helping to change lives of everyday people.

So: Good idea or no?
If you are one of the workers; how would you feel about reading something like that?

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