claddaghemerald (claddaghemerald) wrote in thequestionclub,

Due to poor management-my store was left with only two workers at a busy time. One was helping another customer and I was on cash. The people I was putting through kept adding things and in total did four different sales (one after another, holding up the line) and making other customers impatient. The next person in line was very frustrated and it made me nervous. I started to get this feeling which was almost a combination of tightness in the chest and a pit in your stomach-I believe it was anxiety.

I have felt anxious and nervous before but never for so long. The three hours left of my shift (although things slowed down and my two managers returned to work) I felt the same tightness. It wasn't painful but it was uncomfortable and I worried that if we got busy again it would flair up more.

At home I relaxed a bit and feel fine. Has something like this ever happened to you? How do you get rid of this?

DK/DC/Perfect: What was the last time you treated yourself? What was it?

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