G. A. H. Jr. (classicjazzbari) wrote in thequestionclub,
G. A. H. Jr.

U.S./Canadian Border Crossing

I'm reading horror stories on this site about crossing the border from the U.S. to Canada and vice versa. I'm attending a week-long convention in Toronto next week, and I will be making the solo drive from FL to ON (I'll be driving through the Buffalo/Ft. Erie Peace Bridge). Are the border patrol on either side really that mean? What questions should I expect to be asked? Any tips to make the crossing easy? Do you have any horror/pleasant stories?

--I've never traveled out of the U.S. post-9/11 (my only time ever leaving the country was on a family car day trip to Vancouver from Seattle back in the mid-90s).
--I don't have a criminal record (worst offense are a couple of speeding tickets that are 6-7 years old that were paid within a week of occurrence).
--While all of my documentation (Passport [just got one last week], drivers' license, birth certificate, car insurance, blah blah blah) is in my name/FL address, the car is registered to my father (we have the same name) and his GA address but the tag is FL. Is this going to raise any red flags?

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