What happens when two substances collide (roasted_kiwi) wrote in thequestionclub,
What happens when two substances collide

Baking question!

Oh bakers of TQC, I have never made a jellyroll cake in my life but tomorrow is my friend's birthday and I want to surprise her with something delicious. However, she is vegan, and I'm not finding any vegan jellyroll recipes that wouldn't require me to buy stuff I don't already have (flax meal, soy milk, etc) as I'm on a tight budget. Do you think this recipe could be used for a jellyroll cake? Would I need to increase the oil content or add applesauce or something to make it softer/more moist?
I want to make her a peanut-butter filled chocolate jellyroll. If not I could easily just make a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling or frosting, but I want to do something really special for her...

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