saralucy (sarakins) wrote in thequestionclub,

On Tuesday I got my hair cut and highlighted. When I brushed it to put it up later, it felt sort of rough and tangle-y, but I just put that up to the hairspray used. However, after showering it is still super tangled (I will brush a section and it still is impossible to pull a brush through a minute later) and almost straw-like.

I got the color done at a salon and this has never happened to me before - only when I used to use at home bleach. My hair is thick but fine, I usually do not have trouble with tangles and it is super soft. My biggest concern is I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and I don't have time to get my hair fixed. Will it be okay to still style my hair as normal? I don't want to cause any lasting damage.

tl;dr I miss my nice soft hair :(

TQC: what has been your worst salon/hair nightmare??

ETA: did some serious conditioning, my hair is much nicer now :D Definitely was a case of over processed dryness

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