. (miss_almost) wrote in thequestionclub,

breakfast foods at meeting

I have to bring "treats" to a meeting tomorrow at 9:30am. on a scale of 1-10 how appealing are each of these choices?

bacon jalapeño deviled eggs - http://www.realhousemoms.com/bacon-jalapeno-deviled-eggs/


mini pancake bites with fruit baked in - http://www.pincookie.com/how-to-pancake-bites/

I am going for one sweet and one savory option. I want this to go well, so if you think these two options are awful i'm open to suggestions and ideas.

Are you known for any dish?

Have you ever been to a dinner party? Thrown one? how was it/what was served/was it themed? I would like to throw one in the nearish future and would like your experiences.

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