Laura (lauraflute) wrote in thequestionclub,

Roommate shenanigans

Thankfully hypothetical.

Couple AB and Single C are looking to rent a 2 bed/1.5 1.75 bath (one with tub/shower, one shower only) apartment. They've fallen in love with one and are about to sign the lease when a disagreement comes up. AB want the master with the full bath. That's fine with C as long as they can use the bathtub every so often with advance notice to AB. AB also want to split the rent and utilities 50/50 with C. C thinks everything should be split by person (meaning AB will pay 2/3 rent and utilities) since they have the larger master bedroom, and AB will use more utilities than C. AB claims the 50/50 split grants C tub access.

1. Is either party completely right?
2. If your answer to #1 is no, how should things be split?
3. Should AB and C sign the lease after settling the matter or take this disagreement as a red flag and go their separate housing ways?

Edited for my gross misunderstanding of what a half bath is.

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