saccharin_smile (saccharin_smile) wrote in thequestionclub,

I just got a new washing machine, and the guy who delivered it ran an empty cycle to make sure it was working properly. I noticed the machine was shaking, which is something my old one never did, but he told me it's normal. After he left, the shaking got even worse, and I'm not sure what to think. It seems to me like something that shouldn't happen (especially since the machine was empty, so it's not like there was an uneven load that would possibly explain the shaking), but the guy assured me that the shaking was totally normal.

So TQC, is this normal, or do I need to have someone come look at it? I'm going through a rough time emotionally right now, and as stupid and small of a problem as this may seem, it's something I really would rather not have to deal with :(

ETA: I called Home Depot and they told me to call the manufacturer. I called they manufacturer, and they told me to call Home Depot. I called Home Depot AGAIN, was put on hold to "transfer to another department" only really just waited five minutes to talk to the same person who apparently couldn't help me, and was told that someone will call me back in ten minutes.

Pretty sure this is going to be the stupid little thing that ends up breaking me.

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