Faelariel (faelariel) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hey there!

The fashion: what would you pair with these shorts (other than a white shirt. Let's get creative.)
[these shorts]http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=91611&vid=1&pid=525077002

The curiosity: why do people comb wispy hairs over their bald spots?

The whovians: what do you think of all this talk of the twelfth doctor and people speculating?

The game: would you rather cheese grate your own arm or slide down a fireman's pole covered in outward facing tacks naked into a vat of rubbing alcohol?

the other: what's your favourite gif and/or youtube video right now? Post in comments.

the whatever to the above questions: How was your day, tqc?

edited to fix link and would you rather.

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