☞Liεяяε☜ (lierre) wrote in thequestionclub,

Minecraft/Wii/DS questions

Are there any games like Minecraft for the Wii that you can recommend?

Kid-friendly would be awesome. My 8-year-old son is really into building and designing, he designs things on the Minecraft app demo then uses it as a plan to build it with Legos. We also have Blastworks for the Wii where he designs aircrafts. He ultimately wants to be a videogame developer and I've been teaching him the basics of graphic design and programming (he can already use Scratch and we're working on getting a better animation program for him) but any other ideas are welcome while he is in soak-everything-up mode.

On that note, he wanted an animation game for the DS called Flipnote Studio but it won't give us the option to download it when we got to the Nintendo store (it's only available as a downloadable app). Anyone know what gives? Site says they just ended their support of the page that lets users share things from it on May 31st but doesn't mention not being able to get the app anymore. We just bought his DS the day after that :(

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