kimm (thats_my_story) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm back with another pool question~

I set up everything for the opening - pump, filter, chlorinator, etc. It's all set up perfectly - I took pictures and went into the pool store who told me that it was all good to go and what to do next. So I started to fill the pool and left for a few hours. When I came back water was shooting out a valve in the pump and so I called the store and was able to find the plug that needed to go in there. At this point, my phone died and the pool store was closing in like two minutes so I wasn't able to call them back. Currently, the pump is overflowing where the basket insert goes in. I've tried tightening it but water is still seeping out pretty rapidly - any ideas as to why? The pump isn't on, but the filter is set to filter. I don't want to turn the pump on though because the water is just above the skimmer line and I don't want air getting into everything and causing problems.

Pump looks like this pump and the water is leaking out of the left hand tower where that lid screws on/off.

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