the adventures of Christine (cdaae) wrote in thequestionclub,
the adventures of Christine


How much time do you spend in and around nature (ie. a field or a wood or just sitting on the grass in a garden or park or whatever)?

Particularly for people with depression problems, do you find that being around nature makes you feel any better?

Do you ever forage, eat wild foods, pick berries etc? Or make herbal remedies from things you've gathered?

I do find it makes me feel a bit better, so I'm trying to spend some time out of doors each day, even if it's just sitting on a patch of grass around the corner. It's amazing the beautiful things you can see in a patch of grass when you look closely.

I'm too crap a cook to make a lot out of wild foods, but there are a few plants I know and love to eat, and I love the feeling of picking something wild and eating it. I made Elderflower cordial last year, and Dandelion and Burdock, but digging burdock roots is hard work. I've also made some herbal oils that are great for burns, bruises, and aching backs.


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