was never much but we've made the most (jira_rd) wrote in thequestionclub,
was never much but we've made the most

I'm a big fan of Let's Players and I'm just wondering if there's an extension for Firefox or Chrome or an add-on or something that plays every video (and I mean every video) from a person's Youtube channel without me needing to click each individual video? Something preferably by upload date so that I can watch them all in chronological order? I'm asking because there's a Lets Player that I just absolutely love (GuudeBoulderfist if anyone likes LPs) and I'd like to just click play on his first video and let it go so it plays all his uploads so I can split screen and do other stuff at the same time and not worry about having to click next. I know that I could just do playlist stuff, but IDK I kind of was hoping there was an extension where it would just play in order of upload.

DK/DK: How old are you and are you happy with your life?

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