basementape (basementape) wrote in thequestionclub,

My wife was named the godmother to her sister's second daughter. My wife is Catholic and while she's not neccessarily the "go to church every Sunday" type, she takes her religious beliefs seriously and wants to take her godmother role seriously as well. Her sister and brother in law, on the other hand, have already made it pretty clear that this baptism is mostly just to placate certain members of the family who want to see a baptism, and they have virtually zero intention of actually raising the baby Catholic.

So, the question is, what on earth can my wife buy for her 6-month old niece, that has some kind of Catholic/Christian significance but won't be completely ignored or unrespected by the neice/her parents? For example, a very nice bible or a cross necklace would be obvious choices but she does not want to spend money on something that the kid won't use, or won't take seriously. Anybody been in a similar situation or have suggestions?

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