Deyanira (lunasoltierra) wrote in thequestionclub,

My brother is failing one class and waited too long to ask for help. Now his busting his butt to make deadline but it is now a week before graduation and he still not sure if he's graduating. His teacher said that if he applied himself and finishes his work by graduation day he'll graduate. My concern is that because he's rushing and he has been failing the class all year that he's grade will not be enough and he might have to attend summer school. If he does have to go to summer school and is able to pass will he get a graduation with the other students that did not make it to graduation in June or will they just give him his diploma. My mom is really depressed right now and is praying for a miracle.

Never mind we just found out he's graduating and my mom is over the moon. Thank you for your answers and advise.

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