more like me (uberash) wrote in thequestionclub,
more like me

So, I moved....

I moved out of an apartment complex in to a house. I had neighbors with a daughter the same age as my son at the apartment complex. We all became close and would occasionally watch each others kids, but they would often take advantage. Since moving, the wife asked me if I would watch her daughter two Saturday's this month because her husband is going out of town and she has to work. I said ok, no big deal.

Today she texts me around lunch and says, my godson is in town, would you watch him too? If not I understand.

I haven't replied. I need some help on how to respond. I feel like she and her husband are taking advantage of me in respect to watching their daughter, now someone else's kid. It also makes me wonder, is your husband and another adult who came down to visit you guys fucking off while you work and I watch two extra kids? Did I mention I'm a single dad? I'm annoyed.

What would you do TLC?? And how would you respond?

And more so, how would you politely tell her no in the future? How would you respond? I'm very bad at confrontations.

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