Liv (0livia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Italy? Spain? Greece? France?

Hey TQC,

What should a 28 year old Canadian woman do with five free days in Europe by herself?

In a week and a half, I'm flying to Europe with two friends. We're doing a week in London, a week in Ireland, four days in Poland, and then we're splitting up near the end of the trip and I have five free days to use before I have to get back to London and fly back home to Vancouver.

Where should I go?! What should I do?! This will be the only part of the 3-week euro trip where I'll be by myself and I'm overwhelmed with choices! Should I book a tour? Or just explore on my own?

I'm not a big history/war buff, so I'm not looking for destinations with great museums, war memorials, etc.; my main motivation for travel is seeing beautiful things and meeting interesting people.

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