Still not too old to die young (x_quotethis_x) wrote in thequestionclub,
Still not too old to die young

Cereal ID

Hey TQC,

I'm wondering if any of you can help me out with identifying a cereal. I recently went to China, and had a lot of breakfast buffets included in my trip. At every breakfast buffet they would have this really good cereal. The only time I saw it with a label, I think the label said "honey nut". I've googled it and it sounded kind of similar to honey nut cheerios, but they seem a bit smaller than the mystery chinese cereal.

So, anybody know a ring/loop cereal that's bigger than cheerios, with a sweet, possibly honey nut flavour?

What have been your favourite foods you've tried overseas? My other favourite breakfast buffet item was chinese date flavoured yoghurt. I really hope I can find that at an asian supermarket.

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