the whole world hates our song (anchellada) wrote in thequestionclub,
the whole world hates our song

TQC, what is wrong with my cat?

My parents told me they wanted to get rid of her since she keeps peeing in the same corner of their living room no matter what they do. Plus they have 2 toddlers running around torturing her. I figured the kids might have been a big stresser for her so i thought it would be a good idea if i took her in since my apartment is fairly quiet. Shes always been a very quiet, keeps to herself, doesnt play, afraid of the outdoors, doesnt like being held for more than 10 seconds unless its me type of cat. Diva.

Okay so now shes at my house. She was loving the first week! Coming up to everyone wanting them to pet her, playing, sleeping on our bed at night, going in her litter box, etc. being very social and seemed very comfortable.

Now cut to the second week. She hides ALL DAY (sometimes she'll come out if im the only one home for hours and i call her, but today she wont even), every little noise makes her jump as if we abuse her, she peed and pooped in our bedroom, basically shes like a ghost cat that leaves poops. I'm worried because i cant tell if shes eating or drinking and i dont want her to feel so afraid anymore! maybe she has PTSD from the kids at my parents house? lol idk sometimes she would even let them pick her up.

TLDR; My cat has always been a little weird and I know it takes a while for cats to adjust to new houses but i just dont get it because she loved it so much at first! Is there anything i could do to make her feel more at ease? Could there be something wrong with her? I'm at a loss :/

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