chutney ferret (hellaweasels) wrote in thequestionclub,
chutney ferret


I have a question.

DC Capital Pride parade is this Saturday. My boyfriend and I were going to go but now we have a dilemma.

His [much older] sister's birthday party is also that day. His mom's probably not going because there's a ton of drama related to where his sister's having it [her biological dad's].

His sister's really not reliable when it comes to picking him up for things. [She once didn't pick him up to spend Spring break with her and her kids and didn't bother to tell him just didn't pick him up at all.] So I don't know how he'd be getting there.

So anyway, what are the odds he's going to pick the Parade with me versus his sister's party [which he also just found out she changed, we've had our plans for a few weeks already]?

Thanks in advance~

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