Kelly (kelj99) wrote in thequestionclub,

Oh Facebook

I know we always have questions about FB and something similar has been asked but meh, I'll ask anyway.

What is your response to viral e-mails and mass sharing of information (usually political) that is patently false?

It drives me insane (on all sides of the political spectrum).  I've had to inform my liberal hippie-type friends that companies like pepsi are not, in fact, owned by monsanto (even if they use monsanto produced ingredients or are otherwise unhealthy or problem companies) and others that the new healthcare law doesn't give the government direct access to your bank account.  The response to unbiased facts is anything from "well, I'm still against *whatever* and so its ok to post it anyway" to "any information to the contrary is a lie and must come from opponent's side".

Since these are f-listers, I usually just try to focus on the false information they provided rather than on the underlying sentiments for/against something.  It is hard for me to just leave it up there for more people to read and share without correcting it.

How often does this happen to you and what do you do?

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