Crystal (khristle) wrote in thequestionclub,

Am I the worst person ever?

There is this girl I have to work with. I like her as a person. Her and I share some of the same interest in TV shows and a few other things. The thing is: I don't like working with her at all. I'm her senior by a good 6 years, plus I've been promoted several times in this company and do a lot of the training. She could learn a lot from me. Instead of learning from me, she tends to talk over me and not to listen. Her and I have had to work on projects together and many of the ideas "we" have come up with have been my ideas. In fact, I've implemented some changes of my own that she has copied (which is ok) and she gets the credit. Oh, and she is always late to work and has missed a TON of time. I've complained about her to some of my coworkers. I'm really nice to her but I do complain about her behind her back. I feel terrible about this. I'm not generally two faced. I don't want to confront her because I still have to work with her occasionally. I have a plan in place for making sure that my ideas and contributions are attributed to me in the future and I moved out of that department, so I don't even really see her much any more. But I still feel bad about being two faced. What says you TQC am I the worst person in the world?

EDIT: Thank you TQC. Actually, re-reading my post and your comments makes me realize how much out of proportion I blew this whole thing. I don't sit around the break room complaining about her. I really only have one person that I talk to about her and it is mostly just observations on how late she is. I realized that I'm angry with her but don't want her to know that I'm angry with her so I'm really, really nice to her. That's why I feel two faced. Not because I say "love your shirt" to her in person and then gossip about how ugly it is behind her back, I don't play those games. (also, she has great clothes) Oh, and I have talked with management, which is partly why I feel guilty. Outside of work, I think she would be a cool friend, but the fact that I had to go managment really makes me feel bad.
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