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Anyone want to weigh in on some polarizing news regarding a student representative (president of the student's union) in a very prestigious (if not the most prestigious) school in Ireland?

A lot of the drama around this seems to centre around him citing his depression as "context" for what he did (he was caught cheating in an exam), as well as the sanctions imposed on him (repeat at next examination session).

More Context:

- The president of the Student's Union is expected to advocate for and represent the students of Trinity College on a national and even international level.

- The president is elected by the student body.

- The college has supports in place for students in similar circumstances: anonymous help line, peer support, mental health forum, year round free counselling and guidance, free tutors for students struggling with particular subjects, separate exam venues, extra time in exams, self help library, etc.

- Students who have mental health concerns are generally advised not to sit exams in their own interest if they feel unable - they can resit the same exams in the next examination session at no penalty.

- As far as I know, the usual punishment for plagiarism in an continuous assessment or an exam context is a 0% mark left permanently on transcript.

- He used positive mental health as a platform in his election.

- The national body representing students in this country have been very vocal about "Positive Mental Health" this year. An example of one of their initiatives here: http://usi.ie/2013/05/pleasetalk_forum/

- He is a the son of a political figure who has held quite a high office. (Some would argue that this was a pertinent piece of information in my country!)


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