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Those of you with smart phones:

What apps / widgets do you keep on your home page(s)? Do you have them organized in any manner?

My "main" home screen has items that I use frequently and want quick access to, including an "analog" clock (which includes my alarms), a calender, FB, Gmail, web browser, OI shopping list (which includes not only things I need to buy at various stores, but also my ongoing list of books I want to read in what order), Slacker Radio, color flashlight, and YouTube.

To the left of that page, I have my "information" page. This has my quick access contact widget, a widget from the local weather company, a thesaurus, Merriam-Webster dictionary, Wikipedia, IMDb, a metronome, MapQuest, and for whatever reason Goodreads and Shortyz (a crossword puzzle app).

To the left of that I have my "assorted system apps" screen, which includes RingDroid, PlayMusic, PlayStore, a shortcut to System, Smart Actions, a data usage widget, and the Shazam widget.

To the right of my "main" screen, I have some odds and ends including a photo album widget, a mirror app, a stopwatch/timer app, and RunDouble.
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