charuby (charuby) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sleep paralysis

I 'suffer' with sleep paralysis. Usually it happens when I've just semi-awoken from a deep sleep. I still feel like I'm asleep. It's a bit like a dream, but I'm awake enough to be able to see my surroundings and my bed etc. But this morning something odd happened. I'd woken up. I looked at the clock. It was 11am. I heard my boyfriend pottering about in the living room. I just lay in my bed, wondering whether to get up or not. Just as I had decided that yeah, I'd get up, I suddenly found myself unable to move. I was awake, but I was completely paralysed. What the FUCK. Then I felt this wave of vibrations going through my body and a feeling of weightlessness. My heart was beating slowly. I could feel it banging on my chest. I tried to move my hands. Couldn't. My vision started to blur at this point, until everything just became milky white. I was so awake, I could still hear my boyfriend. I tried to call out to him. I couldn't. My whole body still felt like it was floating above the bed and I was still getting these vibrations all through it. Then I just snapped out of it, as if someone had clicked their fingers and that was it.

It felt just like sleep paralysis, but the fact remains. I was completely awake. I've felt faint vibrations through my body all morning, in fact. And when I went to get into the shower I felt it again, but more severe this time. I could move, yes, but I still got the vibrations and light-headedness.

Does anyone else suffer with sleep paralysis when they're awake? Is it actually sleep paralysis or something else? Can anyone shed any light on this at all? I'm a bit freaked out!

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