Trisha Marie (onceuponatime13) wrote in thequestionclub,
Trisha Marie

What would you do?

Today I was a substitute in a small, special education (Autistic) class.  In addition to me, there were 3-4 aides in the classroom all day.

One aide had a REALLY bad attitude towards me but, more importantly, the students.  In particular, I didn't agree with how she was treating one of the little girls in the class. TWICE, she pushed/shoved this little girl.  Once, the little girl was attempting to hug her, and the aide pushed her back, using more force than I thought was necessary.  A second time, we were in the Occupational Therapy room and the aide was on the OT swing (I have no idea why) and REFUSED to let the little girl on the swing.  When the girl approached her, the aide put her hand flat against the little girl's chest and shoved her backwards.  Both times I didn't feel like the little girl was in danger of being injured (I definitely would have said something if I had), but I felt like the aide was using more force than necessary on an 8-9 year old, Autistic little girl.  Mind you, this little girl did NOT exhibit any violent behaviors at all today, but I'm not sure if she has had violent outbursts in the past.

The same aide was also speaking VERY harshly to this little girl and the other students.  Her tone of voice was very angry and frustrated.  It's hard to explain but, as a certified teacher, it's definitely NOT how I would EVER speak to my students, especially students who have learning/emotional disabilities.

So, would you have said anything to this teacher or to the staff at the school?  I didn't say anything, but was very uncomfortable by how she was treating the students.

Edit/Update: I obtained the classroom teacher's E-mail and will be contacting her about what I observed.  She can be the one to decide what to do from there.

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