Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Star Trek

I haven't seen the new Star Trek movie 'Into Darkness',

1. From what I've seen from the trailers, and from what I've seen in the first movie, it looks like Kirk is leaping over a cliff, and Spock is jumping off a building or something, and a lot of leaping off things is happening. What is it with the Enterprise crew and freefall? What does the Federation have to do with basejumping?

2. Do you feel that hiring actors from cult comedy movies like Harold and Kumar and Shaun of the Dead is the best way for you to get to know support characters Sulu and Scotty?

3. Spock is half vulcan/half human, and it's never been more apparent since the reboot of the franchise. He's more emotional in the first movie, and his emotions seem to be on the surface more than ever, seemingly a drawback, as it limits his ability to be completely logical and 100% effective. Is humanity just a cluster of destructive, contrary emotions that somehow manage to not destroy itself, or does have humanity have a lot of value as a species that go beyond emotions?

4. Do you like Abram's vision of the Enterprise crew, or the original vision?

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