The New Bubble Girl (banyangirl1832) wrote in thequestionclub,
The New Bubble Girl

TQC, I'm starting a full time job on Monday (yes, Monday). I need ideas of lunches and dinners to take to work! I'm not sure if I'm going to have a fridge or microwave at my disposal, but since it's a call center, I'd imagine that those things come standard since there are so many people? I'm already planning on taking yogurts, cheese sticks, jarred salads, lunchmeats/cheese for rollups, dried fruit and nuts. Sandwiches are kind of out of the question since I'm eating gluten free these days. What do you take for lunch?

If you think lunch is for sissies, have you ever worked in a call center? How was it? I'm nervous to start -- it's a collections center so I know I'm going to be dealing with a lot of unhappy people.
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