up all night got demons to fight. (psychedelic) wrote in thequestionclub,
up all night got demons to fight.

Personal Question

I thought I'd ask a personal question here since I don't really have many people to talk to since I've moved.

When I hit my early teens I got into a lot of trouble and was sent away to a variety of places (different states, new people) until I was 18. From then on, I traveled to 3 different schools in 3 different states (why? I was getting into trouble, not liking them, ect.) My parents helped out a ton financially.

Then I started traveling without my parents help. I worked seasonal jobs & even was able to spend a year in nicaragua!

After one of my excursions, I met my boyfriend 2 years ago and we've been together since. I've been stuck in the same spot and working the same job. My life is such a bore to me and I can't stand it. The only people I talk to are my coworkers that I rarely see (I work with animals) and my boyfriend. It's been hard for me to meet friends here.

I want to keep traveling and my boyfriend just revealed to me a few days ago he doesn't care for travel much & would like to settle down. We get along great and he plans on proposing to me & I love him more than anything...but what about my dreams?

I know it's been good for me these past 2 years emotionally and financially and I need to finish college at some point and my parent's obviously do not help me out moneywise anymore or even like that I just bounce around.

I just love meeting new people & seeing new places!

I don't know what to do TQC!

Can you guys give me any advice or just tell me what you think about the situation? I really would be sad and don't want to break up with my boyfriend :(

Do you think I am addicted to excitement and should work a normal job so I can go to school and have a career?


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