Christie (ck29) wrote in thequestionclub,

A friend of mine has a very sweet dog that gets along great with my dog. My friend decided to take a job out of town and rent an apartment that will not allow dogs. Last weekend she asked if I would take her dog for 3 months, after which she will be moving into another place, or find a new person to take the dog. I thought about it and said no. I have watched her dog many times for a short amount of time. Our dogs play nonstop, and get kind of aggressive with each other in our yard (not hurtful fighting, but loud where I have to many times yell at them to calm down). Once they are inside they continue to play, and our house is small and condensed. I also have several trips this summer where I would be boarding my dog, and her's would cost me about another $200. Our dogs were also raised differently, so how they are treated when we are away and meal times are completely different. Her dog chews on computer cords, shoes, etc. There are just many reasons I can't take on another dog.

While I have explained this all to her, she insists that she has no other options. The strange thing is that she also has another small dog that I immediately said no to, because he is able to escape cracks in our gate.She was fine with that. Last text I got, she said that she would have to take the dog to a rescue if we don't take her.

What would you guys do? I hate to see this happen to the dog, but I feel this is her responsibility and it would be a lot more work for me. I would never dream of renting a place that didn't allow my dog, or at the very least having a 100% fall back for her in the mean time. I just really hate to see this dog go to a rescue, but she is moving next week and I don't see her finding anyone else. Thanks! This is hard for my dog loving soul. 
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