mick (mick) wrote in thequestionclub,


i'm seeing the xx tomorrow night! i'm really excited but it's a general admission concert (my first ever) and i don't want to go in half-cocked and end up looking like an idiot, so i have a few questions for people who have lots of concert experience

what are general admission concerts like compared to ones with seating? i know that they're standing, obviously, but i'm just wondering how it is in terms of chaos, if the standing for a long time is a huge issue, if they're violent or anything, etc. i tried reading up online and it kind of scared me, because it makes it sound like it's going to be one giant mosh pit D:

is there any etiquette i should know or things to be careful of?

if the concert starts at 7:00, what would be a good time to show up to get seats? i don't need to be at the front but i don't want to be stuck way at the back either

dk/dc: who would you most like to see in concert?

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