Bekah (erasethisworld) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, how much do you throw out after a breakup?

TL;DR Background: In September, my fiancé and I separated. It was amicable enough, we're not angry at each other but we aren't friends - there simply is no reason to be. I was sorting through my things today to have a clear out, and I threw out a lot of mementos (first flower, receipts from dates etc.) because I simply have too many things. However, when it comes to my photo albums, I don't know what to do. I have two photo albums mostly full of photos of him and I. I keep photo albums, although since we broke up I haven't really done it (it's something I intend to catch up on, I have nearly a years worth to do). However, I'm a student and I am tight on space, and I don't know whether to simply get rid of the photos? I'm not sure if in the future, maybe my kids will want to look through them, see my friends and my life when I was their age? Are photo albums just redundant now we have computers/internet? I'm in a new relationship, and he really doesn't mind either way I don't think, he doesn't know my ex and has been awesome whenever I've needed to see him to get things / sort out the old house etc.
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