Tara (oneandonlytara) wrote in thequestionclub,

Squaretrade Warranty, anyone?

I just recently got an iPad mini and want to get some sort of warranty for it. I've considered AppleCare+, but when I read up on it, you can only purchase it either at the time of buying the iPad online from the Apple Store or buy it within the first 30 days in person at an Apple Store. I live in a town where we have no Apple Stores but rather an Authorized Apple Repair Centre. I'm not sure they would carry the warranty there though. I know you can purchase AppleCare for Macs there as I did last year, and I know they fix iPads/iPhones in addition to Macs, I'm just not sure about warranty for anything other than computers and I can't find info about it on their site. I could always call and ask, but I hate calling places of business.

However, I've heard good things about Squaretrade and am thinking of getting one through them simply because their warranty covers more (drops, spills, etc) whereas AppleCare+ only handles hardware/software issues and two replacements due to drops and the like. What I think it boils down to me for me is the fact that if I were to get one through Squaretrade, it wouldn't be local so I couldn't just take it down and get it looked at. They look to be about the same price wise, but I can get a three-year warranty for $129 through Squaretrade where AppleCare+ only covers you for two for $99. A two-year warranty is also $99 on Squaretrade.

Has anyone ever used Squaretrade? If you had to file a claim, was it a quick and easy process?

Advice? Thoughts?

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