Whip-lash girlchild (autochrome) wrote in thequestionclub,
Whip-lash girlchild

Ich gehe nach Berlin!

...just not right now. If things go according to plan, I'll be in Berlin for a bit come autumn, and I'd love some first-hand experience on fun things. (I've perused the internet, of course, but last time I tried that for an unknown city my ex-girlfriend and I ended up the only women in what HAD been a lesbian bar, so.)

I can find interesting museums and the like, which I want to see, but I'd like some stuff that's more people-oriented. I'm a young, queer lady and would like to, at least for a bit, be surrounded by more of the same, only, you know, German. Also any generally fun places to go, things to see, bars, whatever. Sexy things?

What should I see/do, O wise Question Club? I speak an OK amount of German, if that makes any difference.

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