acidrain (acidrain) wrote in thequestionclub,

okay, i'm sorry for the really stupid questions and rambling but...

tqc, my anxiety is becoming unmanageable and i feel like i need medication before i get to the point of not being able to leave my house. i can't afford a psychiatrist. however, i do live in canada and can see a doctor.

the problem there is that i haven't been to a doctor in eight years because of said anxiety. i have this overwhelming fear that they're going to insist that i consent to invasive physical examinations or something like that. at this point, i'm okay with having bloodwork done if i must but nothing that requires me to take off my clothing or be physically touched.

can doctors touch me and whatnot against my will? or will they just stick to what i went there for in the first place? how does one even work up the nerve to call!? D:

also, i know that doctors can prescribe anxiety meds but i'm really worried they'll just dismiss me as a drug seeker. is this likely? i don't really want to put myself through all the stress of dealing with doctors only to leave more anxious and stressed than i started. D:

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