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disease names

in some of the historical fiction novels i've read (mostly set in Elizabethan England and/or Europe of that time period), there is mention of a disease called "white throat".

as i recall, the symptoms include fever, a bad cough, white patches in the mouth and throat, and--if the person was unlucky enough--a "dirty white membrane" can grow inside the throat, cutting off their ability to breathe. those taking care of them could make them open their mouths, reach in and tear it out in hopes of stopping it.

sometimes one survived, sometimes they didn't. age did not appear to be a factor.

i've googled the term white throat. a couple sites say it's an old name for diphtheria, but the known symptoms of diphtheria don't seem to totally match.

sooo, do any of you know if white throat has a modern name? is it diphtheria? something else? or is it a disease that no longer exists?

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