Naboom (plugmebaby) wrote in thequestionclub,

im overloading this semester (5 subjects instead of 4 + an internship + various tests and checks for visa purposes) and it's taken a toll on my assignments so far.. they've all been bare passes and even one fail.

im a psych major but one of my courses this semester is a history course on US history and politics. i know close to nothing about US's political history and i'm panicking about my major assignment coming up worth 60%. i study for this course every week, do readings, attend lecture and classes, but i still feel so lost. they require you to know so much other info that's not taught in class. it's just too much and i spend hours just trying to google all the background info. i cant speak up in class because i honestly am so confused.

should i let my lecturer know im struggling? i feel like there's nothing they can do about it tho.

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