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Our family has been looking to add a feline. Our dog (rescued minpin) only gets along with cats and everyone in the house wants a cat (I'm a dog person). I've scoured rescues but their offerings fall short of cats that get along with dogs and/or children (we have an 8 y/o, not worried so much about the kiddo since she knows when animals aren't into playing but MUST get along with dogs). I've checked out craigslist and while the replies say they get along with dogs/kids I never hear back after requesting a meet and greet.  So there is this older than kitty, younger than cat that roams around outside our apartment complex. My dog and the cat have become best friends. They play in the "yard" every chance they get. Our immediate neighbors have even asked if the cat belongs to us since it is always waiting at the stairwell or by our door. This cat has no collar but is still really friendly which makes me think it may be domesticated. Falling short of knocking on every door in the complex, we have no other way to establish if the cat belongs to someone. So I ask you, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being full fledged Ahole, how bad would it be if we adopted the cat? If we did it would forever be an indoor cat, become fixed, taken to the vet on the regular, toys/snacks/cat food galore and surrounded by people who would love it unconditionally.  I'm banking on it helping with the field mice problem in our apartment. Win/Win right?! So what say you? Let the cat be? Snatch it up? I'm worried if I let the cat be it might get sick or hit by a car but at the same time it could also be bringing some other family the same amount of happiness it has brought ours.
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