Jennifer Lynn. (passionately) wrote in thequestionclub,
Jennifer Lynn.

School's over for two weeks, now what?

TQC, I just finished my second semester back to college. I'll now have from today (5/10) until 5/28, give or take a few days, to literally sit on my ass and do nothing until the summer semester begins. That being said, I get bored easy. I would like some TV shows to watch. What are your suggestions? Here's some sort of guidelines:

1. I like shows that usually aren't on local channels (ABC/NBC, etc) unless they're not your typical Everybody Loves Raymond kind of Sitcom, or something along the lines of The Voice/whatever those "talent" TV shows are.

2. Some shows I've really liked are Weeds, Freaks and Geeks, and Girls.

3. Chances are, I haven't watched it, so feel free to offer as many shows as you'd like.

4. Definitely into shows that are not on normal cable (as in, I like shows that are aired on channels like HBO and Showtime, and AMC.)

5. They don't have to be airing right now or on Netflix (or anything similar). Use your imagination. >_>

Thanks guys!

edited to say I'm also not into anything horror or that has a ton of blood. mostly comedies, maybe drama, don't like anything like NCIS or crime shows. into a lot of like "indie scene" shows, I guess is the easiest way to put it. I'm difficult, I know. >_
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