Spacefem (spacefem) wrote in thequestionclub,

hey tqc - I just had a baby on friday and I've had two good friends in the same week ask what evening they can come visit and bring over pizza. we got pizza on like day 2 because it's the easiest takeout option, there were leftovers, i've been eating it for days, i'm sick of it. and honestly in the state i'm in I kinda need to eat foods high in iron and fiber and low on dairy, so yeah, officially I cannot eat any more pizza.

what's the nice thing to do?

1) tell them what to bring instead of pizza, even if it's more expensive/complicated? I mean I'd eat bbq or thai food but I know those are like twice as expensive as pizza.
2) just cook dinner for them so I can eat exactly what I want? tonight I was thinking grilled salmon sounds good, we could just get a little extra for visitors.
3) let them bring pizza, eat a piece to be nice, but mostly just eat salad that i'll make myself
4) tell them we just can't deal with visitors right now (partially true... i've been up since 1am)

I realize this sounds totally ungrateful that people are offering to bring me food and i'm turning up my nose at it :(
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