ladyniko (ladyniko) wrote in thequestionclub,

Rules, rules and more rules?

Dear TQC -

I need some help.  The long and short of it is, Sister #4 and her husband are complete screw ups and because they are complete screw ups, my sister ended up with a TBI.  This chain of events left my 15 year old nephew without a stable home environment and he will be moving in with me for this summer at least while he attends summer school in the district where we all went to school.

Now, this kid has had little in terms of structure in his life and I have never been a parent.

So, I need to come up with some rule and guidelines for him.

What chores should I make him responsible for?  Also, what net nanny software or filtering would you recommend I put on the computer I bought for him?

Serious and non-serious answers welcome!  Humor is needed in this truly f'ed up situation my family is trying to untangle.  :-p

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