sluice (sluice) wrote in thequestionclub,

Heart do you know?

This was spurred by this post here.

I have very randomly and rarely felt like I had heart palpitations, but not having had a diagnosis on this I am not sure.

I has happened when I was really hungry, so it literally could be my esophagus spasming or something?

Definite indicators which make me think I have had palpitations: fluttery feeling in chest, dizziness immediately following fluttery feeling, mild out-of-breathness, mild dots being seen in vision.

But it has only happened a handful of times in my life.

Any thoughts on this?  I am going to schedule a visit to my doctor (PS thanks for the post, it sort of woke me up and made me realize I should get it checked out even if it's not a big deal)

Jeez, the more I describe it, the more I realize it's probably palpitations.  I would still like thoughts though.
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