DirectusSanctimonia (karokitara) wrote in thequestionclub,

Slept with roommate... Now what?!

Hey QCers,
I'm sorry this is a long one,

A few months ago I found a new place to live through CL. The guy (Dan) who owns the house is 31, attractive and one of the nicest people I've met. At the time when he said I could move in he had a long term GF who was living in Denver. I was/am casually seeing a guy in NYC (David). We are not in an official relationship, we just regularly see each other every 3 weeks/month or so, talk every day and play League of Legends together. We both still do our own thing because of the distance.

So I meet up with Dan one night to show me around some bars since I'm moving to a new city and want to check out the nightlife. It was fun and that night he briefly mentions that he and his ex broke up. The night goes well, and that night we both sleep in our respective beds. This starts to become a regular thing, once a week before I officially move in we go out to bars, come back and play board games and then sleep in our own beds. Never hooking up. Until this past Monday. I had a stressful week before and when we went out to a bar I ordered 3 Mai Tai's. we get back to his place and watch a movie together. Snuggles happen. Then when we are about to go into our own beds I drunkenly give him a good night hug and he picks me up (I'm 5'2, he's 6'5. Silly height difference, I know) and kisses me. We are both hesitant because we know there is no going back, but at the end of the night the booze took over and we slept together. That morning,(yesterday morning) we have sober sex again.

So we text about it briefly, I apologize and say that I was dumb and impulsive but we both agree we are not uncomfortable about it. I left my laptop at his place so last night I stop by to pick it up. It's late and he has work early so we both go to bed in our respective beds at midnight, but the temptation was there, at least for me. I'll be spending the weekend at our place too, I'm just hoping it isn't awkward.

I don't know what to do. I am heavily attracted to him, but at the same time if we keep this up I don't know if I am ready for a relationship. I mean, he's 31 and I'm 23. I imagine he is looking for something more serious than casual. Does anyone have some relatable stories? I don't know anyone who has been in a similar situation.

TL;DR I slept with my roommate and can't stop being attracted to him, but still want to keep things casual.

Thanks guys.

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