Kengwen (kengwen) wrote in thequestionclub,

sleep schedule working part-time overnights & other job advice questions

TQC, anyone who works (or has worked) part-time overnights, like just one or two nights a week, how do you do it?
Do you try to stay up late and sleep late the night(s) before the work night(s)? Do you just keep a regular schedule the rest of the week and freaking overdose on coffee that one night? Then when do you sleep the next day, and wake up? I am having so much difficulty trying to figure out my new schedule, please help.

I have been working:
1) Mon/Thurs or Mon/Fri 1-5pm with a lady with Alzheimers (kind of emotionally difficult, not physically difficult, and I like her and her family, and it's the only job that doesn't involve cleaning up body fluids, but I only make $9/hour and it's through an agency who are really hard to deal with)
2) Weds 9am-7pm with a guy who is basically brain-dead (very physically difficult, pretty emotionally difficult too, it pays $10/hr but it's under the table, but really that means I make $10/hr instead of what, like $9.50/hr?)
3) Sun 9am-1pm and Tues 7:30-9:30pm, with a quadriplegic man ($10.20/hr, automatic union membership which I think is cool, he's pretty cool, I like his family including his baby, the biggest problem is that coverage if I need a day off is super difficult, AND, it conflicts with this new job...)
4) Friday 11pm-Saturday 8am and Sunday 8am-6pm, working with a tween with cerebral palsy (she is super sweet and awesome, and it pays $22/hr, but as an independent contractor, so I have to pay double tax on it, but even so, way better than anything else).

I originally thought I was going to work Weds/Fri overnights and was going to try to sleep 1-9pm every day, which would mean I'd have to quit jobs 1 & 2, but now that it's only one overnight, and the awkward Sunday conflict, I am not sure anymore.

So what job(s) do I quit? I can't keep doing all of them, there's a 30 min commute to each so it's equal, but between commuting and working it's too much stress for how much I'm making now that I have one decent paying job.

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