Elle B. See (elbiesee) wrote in thequestionclub,
Elle B. See

Long story short: how awkward would it be to give my ex-husband and his long-time girlfriend a gift for their new baby girl, due later this month?

- Our breakup - our whole relationship, really - was tumultuous and kind of stupid. Once he realized he'd finally pushed me away for good, he disappeared for 10 years to avoid being an adult. He has made some changes in the past two years to make things, if not right, then at least better - paying child support for our daughter, working for his dad, actually trying to be An Honest Man for once. (I still don't completely trust him, but so far he hasn't screwed up.)

- His girlfriend, on the other hand, I like. (It helps that she's not The Other Woman from our marriage.) She's very friendly and drama-free.

- My daughter is thrilled to be a big half-sister, and is already planning on teaching her how to play video games. She's bought a pink kitty towel already, and plans on buying a wee pair of pink Converse once the baby is born and we know how big she is.

- I love shopping for baby stuff.

DK/DC/Ugh baby-mama drama: Are you doing anything for Cinco de Mayo? Tacos, Cuervo, declaring independence from Napoleon, etc?

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