reliklaerek (reliklaerek) wrote in thequestionclub,

Nerd mode activated

Inspired by the return of IGPX on Toonami (obv)

Do you think something like the Immortal Grand Prix could exist? Do you think it ever would?

I personally love the show, and since it first aired, I've wondered if a sport similar to this (maybe not "exactly" like it though) could actually exist.

Basically IGPX is futuristic Nascar combined with Roller Derby...on steroids. I won't go into super detail about the rules, (if you want, there's a wikipedia page that goes into it) but two teams of 3 mech pilots -- a forward, mid-fielder, and defender -- compete on a 60 mile track for 3 laps at around 350 mph. The objective is to make it to the finish line first and accumulate more points than the opposing team, but attacking the opposing team to disable or slow them down is expected and perfectly legal.


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